Visualisation And Control Of IT
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Who We Are

Tech Marionette is an exciting new startup building a living model of an organisation's IT. Visualise and control your IT. Our flexible model of the world allows rapid insight into your IT, even with limited or missing data. Simple integration rather than big bang adoption, and no need to replace your current systems.

DevOps Control

Track and visualise development and deployment from request, development, continuous integration through deployment and incident raising.

Storage Analysis

Using data from storage devices, AD, LDAP and tree scripts, Tech Marionette can build a refreshable model of storage usage and ownership which will enable management and control to reduce cost, optimise retention and ensure security.

Control and Audit

Monitor change and control in the IT environment, by integrating meta-data from multiple sources Tech Marionette can quickly identify the processes resulting in change, and help ensure they are both appropriate and effective.

Our Process

From the beginning, to the end.

  • Deploy

    Deploy Tech Marionette to your site, easy deployment using docker images or scripts. Connect up initial data sources using standard scripts.

  • Analyse

    Using data from the initial datasources determine what needs to be added to expand the useful dataset.

  • Enhance

    Add more datasources, connect to inhouse software, produce reports.

  • Repeat

    Each datasource added will answer questions, and enable the asking of more.

Our Amazing Team

Jason Gibbs


Dom Davis


Samphire Reeve


Sophie Rollo


Philip Freeborn

Non-Executive Director

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